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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  March 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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what a wonderful job. liz: very great story. david: as are markets hugely up today. will they be up tomorrow? will they come down again? liz: stay tuned. we'll be right back here. for now we send it to gerri and "the willis report." david: see you tomorrow. gerri: hello everybody, i'm gerri willis and this is "the willis report," the show where consumers are our business america's biggest. america's biggest flooring retailer, lumber liquidators is hitting back at reports it is selling potentially toxic flooring. in a conference call for investors today not open to any questions, lumber liquidators defended the safety of its products. it offered free testing kits to consumers. so far the company is forgiven on wall street. the stock ended up the day around 10%, so a big boost there. wall street seems to trust lumber liquidators but should consumers? here to weigh in richard drury who is leading class-action
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lawsuit against the company in california. we have kip, who is president of the hardwood and plywood veneer association. two experts weighing in tonight on lumber liquidators. richard i will start with you. so the material in question in this product formaldehyde tell our viewers what the dangers of formaldehyde are to the human body. >> formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen. long-term exposure can cause cancer but short term exposure also has health effects such as respiratory ailments burning lungs, asthma and burning eyes and throat. gerri: so kip, to you, you're an expert on these products. you watch all of them all over the world actually. today in a conference call lumber liquidators said hey, there are lots of products all through your house contain formaldehyde. here is list. foam insulation, wallpaper. cosmetics. laminate flooring. decorative laminates. paper products what do you say
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to that? is formaldehyde in everything? >> well, formaldehyde is a widely used chemical in a wide variety of products but you know, there are standards and, regulations that basically govern their use. and certainly formaldehyde resins have been in forest products, wood products industry over 40 years. there are tight regulations basically restrict how we can use those. gerri: controlled pretty closely, how they're used today. you really can't, they can't hurt folks. go right ahead. >> well the first regulation on formaldehyde in composite wood products was developed at federal level by the housing and urban development department in the early 1980s so goes back a way. all right. i want to get you to lumber liquidators conference call because ceo, robert lynch, had
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strong statements to make about attacks on him and his company and what they think of his products. here is rob lynch. >> i want to reassure all of you all of our customers, and the general public that we are confident that all of our products are safe and none of our products pose significant health or sate issues. we have a well-established track record of providing a wide range of products to millions of satisfied customers across america and we would never knowingly put their health or safety at risk. gerri: so, richard to you, you're leading a lawsuit on this thing. there is the ceo saying my product is safe. he isoffering free indoor tests. what do you make of that? >> i think most important thing came out of today's press conference, lumber liquidators admitted at page nine of 15 of their prepared script california resources board tested lumber liquidators products and sever of them failed the california
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formaldehyde test. this is first time lumber liquidators admitted that its products failed the california formaldehyde test done by a california agency. not just "60 minutes" that conducted 30 tests and lumber liquidators failed all but one of those tests. we conducted over 80 tests and every single box of chinese-made laminate we tested failed the california formaldehyde standard at three different test labs. >> talking about lumber liquidators product here. kip, to you you described product coming from china as wild west. china is the wild west when it comes to production of this kind of stuff, these flooring products. what kind of problems do they have with the flooring? >> well, think i the issue here really is there's no u.s. government agency nor the state of california that can go to china to basically enforce the standards that we have in place in the united states. so you have to rely on the chain
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of commerce to basically enforce the regulation. and i think that probably the most telling piece of the "60 minutes" was when they had the chinese manufacturer on camera, and showed two boxes both were saying they were cache 2 certified. one is, one isn't. one costs more. one costs less. you decide. there is no active enforcement in the united states. right now only emission standard in place at these new lower levels is california and it is only for products sold in california. we are really not seen a lot of enforcement out of them. gerri: let me get back to richard for a second because one of the issues here that everybody's talking about, the folks on wall street are taking frankly a hard look at how you test this product, right? do you break it into pieces? do you pull layers of laminate apart? that is inside where the formaldehyde is.
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people are defending company tonight say if you don't do, there is no formaldehyde problem. how do you respond to that? >> well, that is simply not true. the california arrow sources board establish ad test how to test for formaldehyde in finished wood products, that is the test that the california arrow sources board conducted, lumber liquidators failed. that is the test that "60 minutes" conducted. lumber liquidators failed. that is the test that we conducted and lumber liquidators failed every single box of chinese-made laminate we tested and purchased failed that test. gerri: but richard, let me interrupt you here for a second? did you take the thing apart or just test it as it was sold? >> we, we conducted the test that california arrow sources board has proscribed which requires you to take the top layer of lam minute nation off the wood. gerri: right. >> because the standard is designed for the core board, for inside of the wood. california has determined that
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if the formaldehyde is in the wood it is going to come out. having a piece of plastic on top isn't going to keep it in, especially given that the sides and back are not laminated. they're open to the air. now may come out slowly or may come out quickly. gerri: get back to kip for a second here. do you agree with this analysis? does richard have it right? >> well, california proscribes on laminated products that have been fabricated and fabricatetores are exempt from the california rule. only way you can enforce that regulation is you have to remove the laminate. and there is the laminate right there. it's a little thin piece of paper that can get plained off. you're not doing anything else to the board. you're not pulling the board apart. you're not chopping it up or anything else. it stays as a solid board. gerri: kept quickly before we go here. are american retailers using the excuse of, poor chinese construction as a way to get
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product on to american shelves that is subpar, maybe even dangerous? >> well i don't want to address the danger thing because i'm not a medical doctor but when you basically say to the american consumer, this is carbii certified and it is not, that is misrepresenting product. consumers rely on that label in fact it meets the california and eventually epa regulation. gerri: because that california standard is going to become the national standard. rich and kip, thanks for coming on the show. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. gerri: of course we keep asking rob lynch, ceo of lumber liquidators to come on the show because we want to hear from him directly. please come to the show. on to another issue. have you heard of powdered alcohol? it's a new product which promises to shake up a quick cocktail instead of stirring up some serious controversy. it is called palcohol. when mixed with water it creates instant alcoholic beverage. it was just approved for sale by
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the federal government but many states want to ban the powdered substance. joining me one of our resident doctors kevin campbell. hey, kevin, what is this stuff? explain to me. >> it is actual alcohol distilled down into powder. if you mix it with six ounces of water, it's a standard cocktail with the same alcohol content and, it doesn't look very appetizing but it packs the same intoxication punch that a normal cocktail would have. gerri: now i hear that you can actually senator this, not that want to. i'm just saying that it might be used that way? >> when i read about this product they do say that folks have tried to senator it but it is -- senator it. it snort and very uncomfortable. it would take you hour to snort equivalent of one martini. gerri: i don't think people will do that in your view should this be banned? >> this is product that makes no
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sense. something that children and adolescents have access to. we make toxic exposures toed letters because it looks pretty and tastes like a kozmo. teenagers want to try things t may be a good way to sneak alcohol to place where they could try it. gerri: could it be dangerous in your view? >> i think it could be. because this is a different type of product. if you're someone who has never been exposed to alcohol and try this, you may not realize what effects are. certainly alcohol in toddlers and young children can be very toxic and dangerous. gerri: i i want to play sound from the ceo of palcohol mark phillips defending his product. listen to this. >> it will be sold in lick car stores like liquid alcohol. you have to be 21 years old or older to have it. no easier to get into younger age drinkers hands. what will make it easier for if people ban it. if the government bans it. the government loose all control over distribution. that will allow the kids to get
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ahold of easier. gerri: do you agree with that? he has a longer segment with the palcohol ceo later tonight on you are network. do you think the sheer fact of it will make kids drink more? >> no i don't think so at all but having it there and available as easier way if you as a child want to smuggle out alcohol from your parents liquor cabinet it is pretty difficult. if all you have to do is take a packet in your pocket and go find water this is easier entrance into you know trying alcohol. gerri: well, i don't know kevin. you know couldn't wouldn't it save me like 10 bucks if i wanted to go to ball game to have a beer and i couldn't, didn't want to pay prices inside of the stadium? >> that is another thing that think brings up a great point. we have sporting events and other public venues where alcohol is sold. certainly we have regulations in place to make sure that we don't sell obviously intoxicated folks so there is not trouble at
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yankee stadium. but -- gerri: you wouldn't know, right? you have no idea. i wonder how it works with the breathalyzer too. i never thought of that. >> you know i think it probably, your blood-alcohol level will increase just like it would with regular alcohol. you know, this product makes no sense to me whatsoever. who wants to go canoeing and drink a cost mow? it just doesn't go together. gerri: a lot of states already banning it. they're in charge of licensing alcohol at the state level. so that is probably the way this is all going to work. dr. campbell, thanks for coming on the show. >> thanks for having me, gerri. have a great evening. gerri: we want to know what you think. here is our question. should powdered alcohol be legal. log on to and vote. i will give answers at end of tonight's show. watch neil cavuto's interview with the creator of palcohol, mark phillips on "cavuto," 8:00 eastern time on fox business network. a lot more to come on this
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hour, sexual registry for. colleges going bust. a warning for parents as they go off to school. how to know if the university you chose will still be in business a in a few years? let us know what you think. tweet me @gerriwillisfbn. or send a email through our website we'll be right back.
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the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?"
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your throat or tongue swells you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit gerri: a special investigation. colleges are going broke. i've been looking into a dirty little secret of hundreds of colleges around the country. they are on the verge of going bust. look at this list. these are colleges and universities, moody's, the credit ratings agency are financially stressed. they're not closing tomorrow but they're in trouble. institutions are varying sizes all over the country. alabama, ohio new york georgia. the full list on my website,
5:17 pm parents and students would never know this when they send in their tuition check until it is too late and of course the college goes under. as happening most recently with sweet brier college in virginia. heritage foundation chief economist and fox news contributor steve moore. steve welcome back to the show. i want to share some of what moody's is saying about these schools. they have 18 they say are stressed. we'll show more of those as we talk. but they said these are institutions that are financially, financially distressed, in trouble. they look at 500 institutions. only 30 are ranked aaa. here are more names right here. doweling franklin pierce. on and on it goes. do you think mom and dads across the country have any idea this is going on? >> i probably, i think they probably don't. what they do know is that the cost of college is so outrageously high it is
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bankrupting a lost families. here is interesting thing about the list of schools. i've talked to some administrators some of these. first of all, most of them are kind of small private liberal arts schools. a lot are very expensive. a lot are in 30 40 $50,000 a year range when you include boarding costs. a question a lot of parents have to be asking, a is the college going bankrupt, but, b is the degree you will come out with of any value? is it going to be worth $150,000 or so four years tuition. gerri: that is a great question. >> in many cases it is no. these schools generally don't have engineering schools or technical training. that there is such a demand for in this economy. gerri: talk for a second about the long-term effects of this right? go to school four years, even if you get liberal arts degree, you want to go back to that institution right? want to become part of alumni. these are contacts you have for entire life. not just 18 i talked about, okay? moody's has i said is only
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looking at 500 of the 4500, 4500-degree-granting institutions out there. look at this list. i don't know if you have return but our viewers will see scores hundreds of literally of institutions. these are listed on d.o.e., department of education website failing financial responsibility test. these are all schools your child could be enrolled in right now. they don't have any obligation to tell you about this. that they have problems. that they have issues. and this is something people need to know. you can see the list yourself on website student what do you think families should be doing right now? you make very good point maybe you don't need college. maybe you need to rethink college. what steps should kids be taking right now if they're concerned? >> they should look whether the college is a bargain or not. whether you are actually getting your money's worth. a lot of those schools on the list you just showed, as i said,
5:20 pm
liberal arts schools. they're very expensive and they have declining enrollment. that is one of the reasons they're facing financial stress. the schools on top of your list harvards yales and dukes northwesterns, schools like that have gigantic endowments, in billions of dollars. harvard, my goodness, its endowment is so large, gerri they wouldn't have to charge tuition to students from now to kingdom come and use endowment to pay for it and still wouldn't run out of money. >> rich man, poor man, really good schools. reality is, schools on the list, the list is not that long my friend. there are lots of troubled schools out there. parents need to know. here is a clue, that think would work for a lot of people. if your private college is offering to discount your tuition by more than 46% there's a problem. at sweetbrier they were discounting tuition by 80%. they were so desperate to get people in the front door. as you said it is a liberal
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arts college but one with a very long history. 114 years. many, many people knew about this school. >> look, i used to date a girl from sweetbrier. i know the school really well. but i will say this. it wouldn't be such a terrible thing if a few of these colleges went bankrupt. look, that happens in the private sector all the time. gerri: don't want it to happen to me when my kids are the in school. >> of course not. gerri: they're stroking checks right this very minute. decision day is may 1st. >> my point is, that the colleges have to be more responsive to what the parents want. kids need. and then they, they don't need degrees in the ethnic studies and psychology and sociology. they need to learning basic skills. too many case, i have two kids in college. i'm paying $80,000 a year for two schools. i wonder will they get a good job when they get out? gerri: flip side, you made a good point. climbing wall. omelette station at cafeteria.
5:22 pm
sushi bar. >> exactly. gerri: olympic size swimming pool. people mismanaged this money so badly. it has repercussions for taxpayers because kids are having debt forgiven. president is saying that is right thing to do. do you agree? >> these schools become like resorts, not learning institutions. that is where all the money goes. i would say this i'm glad this report came out. what is lacking in universities today, i said this on your show many times there is so little transparency how these schools are spending money. i guaranty you, if these schools actually started pinching pennies and started looking how they're spending money, how much they're spending on some of these university professors that are teaching three or four hours a week they could cut their costs. my rule of thumb is most schools should, colleges should cost half of what they do today if they became efficient and transparent. maybe the report will lead to that. gerri: steve, thanks so much for being on tonight. appreciate night thanks, gerri.
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gerri: join us tomorrow night we speak with a sophomore at sweetbrier who is being forced to announce a new school to attend after it was announced it will be closing at end of current term. for more on the story i wrote a special blog on check it out. that education department list of hundreds of stressessed colleges i showed you, it is on there as well of check it out. we'll be right back.
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♪ gerri: mortgage brokers, investment scam artists, sometimes it can be hard to spot financial fraudsters. one governor is creating the country's first database of its kind. it's like a sex offender registry but for while collar crooks.
5:27 pm
>> the legislator passed the law which is the governor is expected to sign where anyone can find out who is the fraudster living next door. >> you know the big time crooks. allen stanford. but the state of utah is about to make it easier to do background checks on anybody big or small who manages your money with the nation's first ever white-collar crime registry. >> this enables you as an american, as an individual, to do that research yourself. >> utah sector commissioner says the white-collar registry will work like a sex offender registry. go online. look up the people and institutions who have been convicted of things like securities fraud theft by deception insurance fraud, mortgage fraud and money laundering. that includes baker insists wall street banks which have paid billions of dollars to the government in
5:28 pm
penalties. >> i don't care how powerful you are, how much money you have, if you have committed one of the enumerated fraudulent violations, you should be listed. >> so once the governor signs that bill into law it will be up to the utah attorney general to figure out exactly what the website will look like. it will include a picture of the people who have been listed. identifying information for people about them. it will be up there for ten years. >> they never prosecute these people in the first place. right? >> the people at the banks though the banks go into huge settlements, but nobody at the bank gets prosecuted. what they're hoping to do when w with this is, that needs to change. >> great package, thank you. a programming note "strange inheritance" 9:00 p.m. eastern time a man who inherits the guns bonnie and clyde carried into their final shoot-out. then melissa francis brand-new show "unpacked." lots of very strange outtakes like this one.
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>> this is the texas electric chair. and we can tie this into the bonnie and clyde pistol as two of the inmates that broke out of the east unit eventually died in this chair. >> well if you can't get enough of "strange inheritance" you'll love "unpacked" on the fox business network. more fallout from clinton's email scandal. the latest on the turbo tax allegations now being heard in the senate. stay with us. meusks♪♪
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♪ gerri: welcome back to the willis report. in a moment, the fight over tax fraud makes its way to cop toll hill. it's time for a look at other stories in the news. police in ferguson missouri have taken a number of people in for questioning in the shooting of two officers overnight. both officers released from the hospital. louisiana national guard says the bodies of two
5:33 pm
soldiers have been recovered from a helicopter crash off the coast of florida. divers found the black hawk helicopter, but bad weather is preventing them from getting to the black box. eleven marine shoulders are presumed dead. fema officials are opening every flood insurance filed by super sandy victims. the review of 144,000 claims follows allegations of fraud involving the way companies assess damage. and a federal investigator says fake irs agents have targeted more than 366,000 people demanding payments and threatening jail time. he says more than 3000 have fallen for the scam since 2013 being duped of fiftsdz 15 and a half million dollars. people in every state has been targeted in the biggest scam of irs history. those are the stories in the news tonight. not only fake irs agents that we have to worry
5:34 pm
about. (?) cyber criminals are using tax software like turbo tax to file fraudulent tax returns and steal people's tax refunds. jim a former head of the national security agents operational discovery center and now an executive vice president at cyber security firm dark trades. and edmund. program director at us public research group. welcome to you both. jim, i'll start with you. (?) describe this scam in more detail. it's hard for people to understand. i'm used to turbo tax. i use it all the time. how could i be at risk using a normal product? >> what's happening as a regular consumer, you don't realize a hacker who has your personal information may be able to open an account for you or get your password reset or file your state tax return without you realizing it. when you lose your critical information like your home address date of birth, social security number,
5:35 pm
information about the number of kids you have, that can actually be used to file your taxes and to have that money sent to say a direct deposit or some sort of debit card that can be recharged. the hackers can get the money by knowing your personal information. >> the senator had this to say about the issue. >> tax preparation software has become the scammer's new fast lane. these sharks manage to acquire a taxpayers data from the black market or hack into commercial databases and then they file false returns electronically, the victims may not find out until much later in tax season. and by then, it's just too late. already there have been thousands of reports like this in 2015. as we'll hear today, some software vendors aren't doing enough to help prevent fraud. gerri: he's saying it's the fast lane for criminals.
5:36 pm
ed to you. is there anything that can stop this? >> well, i think it's clear that the states are on top of this quickly. turtleturbo tax denied everything. only after it happened did turbo tax go through two factor authentication and other methods to protect people. if you log in from a new computer they have to contact you with your cell phone to send you a special code to know that you're you. there's so much personal information floating around i'm wondering if people are getting social engineering phone calls or phishing emails to collect this information from them. people have to be careful with their personal info. >> absolutely right. i want to read an intuit statement. allegations from former employees are without merit and rely on a
5:37 pm
complete misunderstanding of the reality of intuit's business. the allegations are untrue and unfair. (?) but i want you to hear from shane the whistle-blower who worked with the company. here's what he said. >> ultimately the hackers are to blame. but intuit and other industry leaders are to blame. intuit knew that fraud was happening and they deliberately rolled back the protections, rolled back the alerting of the irs so that more fraudulent returns would get through that they could book as revenue. gerri: jim does the whistle-blower have that right? do you think that intuit is sacrificing the safety of their customers for money? >> well, i think what's happening here, any time you squeeze the balloon of flawed, it will be deflected and moved to a different part of the industry. if you do better fraud detection at turbo tax it will go to another
5:38 pm
company that does online tax returns. consequently it effects their bottom line. you can see how the situation arose. really the playing field has to be leveled so that there's no incentive to take the profit on this. gerri: ed, do you agree with this? critics saying there's no financial incentive for turbo tax to clean this up. do you agree with this? >> if they want to keep their business alive, they'll have to do a better job. i'm astonished what i've from tax commissioners that many refunds are being sent to various social security numbers. there's only person with my social security number. that's me. one social security number, multiple returns to the same address is another key factor. they may have known about these things but they weren't telling the irs or the states. the states were figuring it out themselves. gerri: well, you know, tax officials to have step up too. the irs.
5:39 pm
quickly, jim your thoughts on that. >> they can improve fraud protection. in the end, it has to be -- the anthem breach that many o thatthat can be used with many fraud schemes. >> this is clearly the easiest way in the world to make money. every criminal and crook in the entire country is doing it. jim and ed, thank you for coming on the show tonight. when we come back, the fallout from the hillary clinton emailgate continues. how do you do that? as the temperatures rise the snow melts, yes, it will happen. it's time to start thinking about spring and dewinterrizing your home. advice on that next. first here's is the consumer gauge with the numbers that mean the most to you. ♪
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♪ gerri: the hillary clinton email scandal just keeps growing and growing, despite her intentions. and in the past 24 hours, questions whether she broke the law in handling the documents when she left the state department. revelations about that infamous blackberry, the one device she was using for all her emails. >> they never issued hillary clinton a blackberry while she held that office. spokesperson confirms clinton's assertion that she would have needed to carry two devices if the government had given her an official email address. jierks >> prior to early 2014 and the release of blackberry devices, the security protocols that state deployed did not permit automated access. some of you may have devices today that are capable today of having a personal and work email on the same
5:44 pm
device. so that wasn't permitted at the time. obviously things have updated post-2014. >> critics charged clinton's use of a nongovernment issued blackberry left her vulnerable to hackers. the democratic source familiar with the arrangement tells fox that former president bill clinton paid for the email server. she handled all relevant emails and deleted the rest which are personal messages. the obama administration says it's up to clinton to determine which emails are private and which involve personal business. >> every day it gets bigger and bigger. the head of the benghazi committee wants to take a look at her home computer. is sure going to be called before a panel, and will she cooperate? >> perhaps. jason chaffetz says his committee is looking into clinton's use of a
5:45 pm
private email and server. while secretary of state, he's prepared to subpoena clinton if she fails to cooperate in that investigation. no word yet on that level of cooperation. gerri. gerri: rich, thank you so much. >> well winter is going to give way to spring, i promise. the first thing may not be emerging may not be tulips. nationally syndicated radio host tom is here with simple tips to dewinterrize your home. tom, i have a foot and a half of snow out. i don't know what i'll find when it melts. we're finding water bottles. kid toys. all the stuff is emerging. this is the perfect time to get your house ready for spring. >> the change of seasons is the time to do lots of home improvement projects. after the rough winter, i want to get you back on track on a few projects you may not be thinking about. clean your dryer exhaust
5:46 pm
duct. top ten reason for house fires. ducts fill up with lint. we don't clean them. easy thing to do. there's a tool called a lint eater. the way this works. you simply buy this. fiberglas rod with a brush in it. >> you put it up that? >> you extend it up. put more rods. go in as deep as you need to go. pull it out. >> there isn't the lint in the catcher? >> that's the thing. when you clean your dryer exhaust, you think it's that lint trap in the middle. there's huge balls of lints. twenty-five-dollar tool. piece of cake. >> look at that. yuck. that's what you're talking about. >> that's what it looks like. one year of use of dryer exhaust. don't want that in your house. we call that kindling. >> i want to talk about guttering. downspouts the roof. our house, this huge
5:47 pm
snow was ripping away gutters that were heavy. >> that's a big problem because the weight of the ice and snow. those gutters need to be in good shape. number one cause of leaky crawl space are those gutters. clean them attach them. as far as that roof is concerned, stand back when that snow melts. grab a pair of binoculars. see if you see any torn singles. you can do it safely from the ground. >> i can't do it from my house. so steep. driveways, walkways. big fears because that ice that snow, it was super hard on -- driveway, you know, blacktop. >> we put salt. a lot of salt. that salt can be extremely corrosive. you want to repair it. with with an epoxy compound. won't stick. use the right type of epoxy material. >> i can do this myself?
5:48 pm
>> you certainly can. >> here's the one i can see myself doing. the animal nest. >> yep. >> you know what happens. it gets super cold. was cold here forever. all these animals try to come into your house. >> and they look for places to nest. check the firewood piles. underneath the deck. find these nests don't take them out yourself. you don't want to meet a skunk or opossum. call a pro-for pro for that. what about faucets? now, even though we have turned those off in the inside, you get water that's trapped in there. that can freeze and break. when you open the faucet back up and the water flow into it, you have a leak inside that you may not detect. >> great advice. i know the work ahead of me. i have to buy one of these. thanks for coming on the show. bringing barbie into the smartphone era. the iconic doll can talk to the kid she's playing with. many mommy groups are up in arms. their warning coming up.
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5:53 pm
understand it's going to be able to talk to your children. and your children will be able to talk to it. whatever your children talk about, it will be absorbed into the cloud. that information will be in there. what's striking about this they're saying and admitting it that this research that they'll be using is going to be -- will be using this research that children are talking about. they'll be listening to what your children are saying. >> the idea too is that the doll answers back. >> correct. >> so if your child talks about going to dance class, and she asks barbie, what should i be when i grow up? oh, why don't you be a ballerina. >> i have to see the doll to actually understand -- gerri: i'm shocked. >> i don't know how the doll will know that. >> sort of like siri. right? >> siri creeps me out. my kids out. that's another conversation. gerri: is it possible this is an invasion of privacy? >> we can look at it
5:54 pm
like that or look at it like these parents know what they're getting into before they purchase this barbie doll. if they feel it's an invasion of privacy they should buy the regular barbie dolls that use creative play and imagination. that's what i think dolls and play should be about. i don't think it should have all this technology. again that's just my opinion. gerri: well parents just won't say no to kids. that's part of the problem. this is an insult on your wallet and your privacy. seventy-five buck doll. >> yes. gerri: i have to read the statement. mattel, barbie doll sales are down. safety and security hello barbie conforms to applicable government standards. that's my first thought on toys. does it comply with government's rules. it ensures that data is secured and can't be accessed by unauthorized users. i'm just as worried about the people at mattel as the
5:55 pm
unauthorized -- >> i just don't think again, i don't think people should be listening to what your children are saying. to me, that's just something very weird about it. >> very diva mom. >> it's alarming to me. that this is the way it's going with toys and games and dolls. >> what next? well thank you. it's a scary thing, but very interesting. appreciate your time. and we'll be right back with the answer to our question of the day should powdered alcohol should it be legal? stay with us. ♪
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>> now we want to hear from you. powdered alcohol has gotten the green light from federal regulators. should it be legal? here's what you're tweeting me. thomas says: no. concealment issues for
5:59 pm
underage kid. it's compact. not good. margie: we can't get cancer drugs or compounded hormones. that's interesting. not sure i understand that. in addition to following me on twitter and facebook, be sure to like fox business on facebook. and we asked this question on 30% said yes. 70% of you said it should not be legal. very interesting. be sure to log on to for our online question every weekday. our kicker story tonight. what goes better with eggs than bacon? the american egg board says it plans to launch a campaign featuring kevin bacon. one spot features a woman making eggs with kevin bacon lying on the counter. she loves the smell of bacon as her husband walks in. they're using a hollywood celebrity for the first time in its campaign. pretty cute. that's it for tonight's willis report. thanks for joining us. don't forget to dvr our show if you can't catch
6:00 pm
us live. "making money" with charles payne is coming up next. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow for more on the hardwood floors. that's right. ♪ charles: i'm charles payne, and you're watching "making money." the market staged a huge rebound, but i keep asking what's bugging main street? sure, we have a feeble recovery. obviously it's frustrating and dispetering, i've felt for a long time, this national malay is centered around a lack of leadership. the latest most important poll from gulp shows that government is by far the most important or critical problem facing us. a year ago, your top three problems were unemployment. was number one. by far, everyone is pointing towards government. (?) more than unemployment. more on the economy. i have to tell you something, this poll backed up with data out this morning that showed a marked improvement in the labor


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